Instrument is my Life

Instrument is my life.everytime I use instruments it gave joy to me it also give me frustration & depressions especially When I didnt hit the notes of the song. It’s like people around me. They give me inspiretion but they also gave me frustration…..
My life is like playing church instruments. it brings happiness in me yet it also bring loneliness in my life . I felt happiness especially when i hit the right note,when i finish the song properly and when the singer can follow the note that im playing.
I can compare my life as i play the drums. the beat can be happy and fast and it can also be slow and all little bit of depends on the song. the drum is the life and the center of the band.the guitarist and other member would depend on the in my life the drummer are my parents. they are the center of my life My decisions would depend on their advices. i have to consider their feelings before doing anything.
My life can also be compared like playing the bass guitar. every strum on its strings bring out music note that complete the music .once a single string of the bass guitar has been cut off,the note will never be the same again.the string of the bass guitar can be compared to the special people in my life. people come and go like the bass guitar strings they can never be the same again not unless you fix it or put another string again.that’s why you have to be extra careful in dealing with other people especially to the one’s who are special to you.